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Professional Liability Insurance in California

By May 16, 2017May 23rd, 2018No Comments

Every professional values their work above all else, yet few consider the implications of professional liability until they are faced with it head-on. When one thinks of liability, what typically comes to mind is a slip and fall on a commercial property or a work-related accident causing bodily harm. However, there is an entirely different aspect of liability involving claims of poorly performed work. This is where professional liability insurance comes in.

Professional Liability





Errors & Omissions (E & O) Insurance

Commonly referred to as errors & omissions (E & O) insurance, professional liability coverage protects professionals from claims of professional negligence, malpractice, and misrepresentation. Examples of professionals included in this category are,

• Accountants
• Attorneys
• Insurance agents
• Real estate agents
• Website developers
• Architects
• Engineers
• Contractors
• And much more.

It is impossible to predict when a client will file a claim against your business, be it for an alleged or actual mistake. Mistakes occur on occasion, and even a minor mistake can lead to substantial losses when your company is taken to court. Without appropriate coverage, these losses can spell doom for the affected business.

Insuring employees Against Legal Claims

Incorporating E & O insurance into your business plan serves a much larger purpose than insuring employees against legal claims made by clients for negligent or inadequate work: It gives business owners and employees alike the peace of mind of knowing that their jobs and the business itself will be safe in the event of a lawsuit, offering you a chance to restore your reputation.

When you seek professional liability coverage and would like to purchase errors and omissions insurance in California, look no further than Engle & Associates Insurance Brokers. Simply call our main line at 805-781-6336 or complete our online contact form, and we will be happy to direct you to the right insurance professional for your company’s distinct needs!

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