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Life Insurance

Life Insurance for Procrastinators

By August 6, 2009No Comments

In all my years in this business, I’d say the one product that drives people nuts (especially guys): is life insurance. When people don’t have it, they squirm when the subject comes up. They know they should have it. Questions swirl around in their head like:

“How Much?”
“What Type?”
“What if they find something on the medical exam?”

“…Pass the TV remote, I can’t think about this right now…”

On the other hand, when that policy is finally issued, that same guy who was squirming, suddenly feels relieved. He’s done “the right thing.”

Over-thinking the particulars of life insurance fuels our natural inclination to put off the important purchase. Here’s some advice: YES, do your research. Look into whole life, universal life, term life, etc. (I can help). But while you’re becoming an ‘expert,’ please don’t miss the forest for the trees. The bottom line is: Your family needs this protection. You protect your home in case it burns down, you protect your car in case it’s destroyed. If you are gone, your income is gone. Life insurance is income protection.

So, my two cents: something is always better than nothing. Apply for $250,000 of 20 year level term protection now. For most people, this will fit into the family budget. Even though it’s still not enough to protect most families, it’s certainly better than nothing. Underwriting and issuing this amount of life insurance is painless. And I have yet to read about the widow who gave the life insurance check back to the company: “Not thanks, my family doesn’t need this – give it to someone else more deserving.”

2 other quick points:

  1. Life insurance can’t be taken away once you’ve got it, BUT you may not be able to afford it or even get any protection if you become ill before you apply (diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc).
  2. The world’s financial ‘flu’ infects the life insurance industry too. Rates and fees are rising. You can lock in your costs now with one of over 30 top-rated companies that we work with.

Want a quick quote NOW? Fill out my fast and easy quote form here, and I’ll have your quote in minutes. Remember, I never hard sell insurance. I’m here to help you make an informed decision.

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