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COVID-19 aka Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions

By March 16, 2020April 17th, 2020No Comments

This is something we have never had to face before. It is scary for all of us. The health and safety of our team and our clients is our number one priority. Please understand that many people are looking to their insurance policies right now, and our office is experiencing a much higher than average call volume. Our staff is also working remotely for the first time, and they are adjusting to this. Our response times may be longer than you have come to expect. We appreciate your patience. In an effort to proactively answer your questions, please review the following FAQ before contacting our office.

Will I be getting a premium refund per the insurance commissioner’s announcement on 4/13/2020?

Will Coronavirus claims be covered?

  • Every protection package and every claim is unique. Your insurance company will assess claims in accordance with the coverages you have in place and the facts presented. It is not possible to answer any hypothetical questions or claim scenarios regarding the Coronavirus. With that said, most of the calls we are receiving are regarding business income. Business income generally requires a direct physical damage loss (i.e. fire, wind, etc.) to trigger income replacement coverage. Shutting down due to COVID-19 is not a direct physical loss. Furthermore, most coverage forms also contain a standard virus and bacteria exclusion. This pandemic is uncharted waters though, and ultimately, all claim coverage determinations are made by your carrier. Report the claim to your insurance company at the toll free number listed in your policy.

What should I do if I believe I have a Coronavirus claim?

  • Report your claim directly to your insurance carrier using the claim phone number listed in your policy.

How should I get more information about whether a Coronavirus scenario will be covered?

  • Report your claim directly to your insurance carrier using the claim phone number listed in your policy.

What if I need to meet with someone to go over my insurance?

  • Presently, our office is only taking phone meetings in order to follow CDC protocol of social distancing. We are open for business and can handle any transaction over the phone and email. We offer DocuSign for signatures and electronic payment options.

Are you open for business?

  • We are transacting business and here to serve you, but our office is presently closed to the public for face to face meetings. Please call/email your agent or leave a message in our general mailbox for assistance.

My business was forced to close due to shelter in home requirement. Is there anything I can do to reduce my insurance cost during the forced shutdown?

  • Yes – you can adjust your estimated gross sales and payroll, to a reduced number, accounting for the time shutdown. Please email your account manager for more information.

I heard companies are offering a grace period on premium payments, is that true?

  • Insurance Commissioner, Ricardo Lara, has requested a 60 day grace on premium payments. Many insurance companies are offering this. Most billing is done at the insurance company level, not by our office. To find out if your carrier is offering any premium payment flexibility, please call the toll free billing number listed on your invoice.

Are there other Coronavirus financial resources for my business and/or household?


This document is not intended to provide any legal advice or opinion on any individual situation and should not be relied on to determine insurance coverage or lack thereof as relates the Coronavirus. Insurance forms and endorsements vary based on insurance company, changes in edition dates, regulations, court decisions, and state jurisdiction. The information is based on review of insurance coverages, sources we deem to be reliable and communications we have received from insurance companies and other resources. We make no representation or warranty as to the accuracy of information as applied to individual cases. Please advise our office if you want to submit any claim for coverage with your insurance companies.

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