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Worker's Compensation

Basics of California Worker’s Compensation

By December 18, 2012No Comments

Worker’s Compensation is an insurance that employers are required to obtain in the state of California if they employ anyone even if it is a single employee. Worker’s comp is used to cover an employee both financially and medically incase illness or injury occurs while on the job.

Workers Comp California

California state law requires all business owners who have any employees to obtain California worker’s compensation insurance. This is needed because it protects the business owner from civil suit incase injury or illness occurs while the employee is at work. It is also needed to protect the employee and their livelihood.

The cost of California worker’s compensation can vary from insurance company to insurance company. Although in the state of California the state’s insurance commissioner gives recommended rates; the premiums are still set by the private insurance companies. There are many factors that will determine how much a business owner will pay for their yearly premiums such as the type of business one owns and the reported rates injuries and illness.

Another important part of worker’s comp is that employees are not required to pay any portion of the insurance premium. In fact in the state of California it is prohibited. This is considered a cost of running a business. It should also be noted that mandatory postings are required for business owners. A notice to employee’s poster must be in a easily seen area of the work place and contain information on where to seek medical treatment if case of an injury or illness that is work related occurs. A business owner can be fined up to $7,000 per violation if the poster is not visible to employees.

As an employee it is very important that you report any work related illness or injury as soon as possible once it occurs so that the employer can make sure one receives the proper medical treatment. California is very protective of it’s employees and every business much purchase worker’s compensation insurance to protect both the employee and the business should a work related injury or illness occur.

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