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Is My Stationary Travel Trailer Covered Properly?

By September 7, 2011 No Comments


I have a stationary travel trailer. It’s parked in an RV park and I use it as a seasonal home.  I told my agent I need insurance for my travel trailer.  I paid the premiums.  I’m covered, right?   Unfortunately, there are many types of coverage available for travel trailers, and if your agent simply added your trailer onto your car insurance policy, you have a HUGE gap in coverage.

To understand this gap, you must first understand what exactly the auto policy covers with regards to travel trailers.  I would encourage you to look at your policy right now.  You will notice the following coverages on the trailer: comprehensive (or other than collision), collisiion, and possibly some sort of roadside assistance or emergency expense.  What you will not see is liability coverage.  Why?  Coverage on the auto policy is designed to cover vehicles on the road.  An auto policy only provides liability protection when using the RV as a vehicle – in other words, while it’s being towed.  Once it is parked, there is no liability coverage afforded under the auto policy.

A stationary trailer owner needs liability protection, just like any homeowner does.  Some claims examples are:  A trip and fall or other injury on your site or in your trailer, Animal bite, and Fire legal liability – your trailer catches fire and burns the trailer next door.  Without this liability protection, you would be paying for these damages out of your own pocket.

In addition to lack of liability coverage, surely you have personal belongings in your trailer – furniture, electronics, kitchen supplies, clothing, and more.  You may also have adjacent structures (like a sun room, or decking), those aren’t covered on the auto policy either.

Don’t worry, there is insurance available for park model trailers and traditional RV travel trailers that are used as a primary or seacondary/seasonal residence.  The coverage is affordable and offers very broad coverage.  If you are reading this and know that your trailer is covered on your car insurance, you really need to give this a second look now, before the unthinkable happens.    – Sarah Cordova

Sarah Cordvoa is the mobile home and stationary trailer specialist at Engle & Associates Insurance Brokers, a local full service brokerage serving the Central Coast for over 30 years.    For more information on stationary trailer coverage, please call Sarah Cordova at 805-781-6336 or email her at